MITO2i is pleased to announced that it will be holding its 2nd Annual Research Symposium on April 28th & 29th and is thrilled to showcase new and exciting areas for mitochondrial research and medicine.

Over the two days we will be highlighting:

•Mitochondria and Metabolism with a focus on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health

•The importance of Mitochondria function in Organ Transplantation.

•Mitogenetics and Brain disease looking at research in Parkinson’s and Dementia

•An introduction to Mito Innovation from Uoft start-up companies, new areas for mitochondria targeting and the potential of using AI to identify mitochondrial gene risk.

The Symposium is a great opportunity to stay up to date in the field of mitochondrial research and to seek potential collaboration areas with MITO2i and the community!  We hope to see you there.