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Explore a wealth of knowledge and insights from our past events. Dive into recorded sessions, peruse detailed agendas, and discover the diverse participants who have contributed to the vibrant discussions. Immerse yourself in the journey of mitochondrial research and innovation as we share the collective wisdom of our community. Delve into the archives and be inspired by the impactful moments that have shaped our mission.


MITO2i and Wellcome Centre: Workshops in Neuropsychiatry, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Mitochondria
MITO2i, WCMR and MITACS: PhD Exchange Workshop

Training Sessions

Trainee Talks

Trainee Talks: 2023 Graduate Student Scholars and Trainees

Research Conferences

MITO2i Research Conference 2021

Research Symposiums

MITO2i Research Symposium 2021
MITO2i Research Symposium 2022
MITO2i Research Symposium 2023