OUR Research

The main goal of MITO2i is to advance research and innovation and treatment options for patients. MITO2i funds impactful projects that brings novel ways to transform mitochondrial health and be able to have a direct impact on the quality of life of patients with mitochondrial disease or dysfunction.

MITO2i will invest in bold interdisciplinary ideas, ranging from basic (e.g. fundamental biological concepts) to clinical and translational research (diagnostic and novel treatments for mitochondrial dysfunction) and health policy, economics, law and ethics and epidemiology, to cultivate new concepts that are expected to be of critical importance to mitochondrial medicine and research.

Supporting research from the Through innovation grants, fellowships and scholarships, MITO2i is promoting interdisciplinary collaboration to transform and innovate the field of mitochondrial medicine and research. MITO2i projects in a broad area of mitochondria, from neurodegenerative diseases, neuropsychiatric diseases, cancer, autism, and mitochondrial disease research. The projects have promoted collaboration between disciplines and across institutions, here at UofT, its affiliated hospitals and internationally.